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The Wedding Singer

review by Zach B.


Rated PG-13

Starring Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore, Christine Taylor, Jon Lovitz, Billy Idol

Running Time: 97 Minutes

Written by Tim Herlihy

Directed by Frank Coraci


Retail Price: 24.99

Features: Five 80's Karaoke Songs, 80's Music Mania Trivia Game, Cast Biographies and Filmographies, Wedding Album (Photo Gallery)

Specs: 1.85:1 Anamorphic Widescreen, 1.33:1 Full Screen, English 5.1 Dolby Digital, French 5.1 Dolby Digital, English, French and Spanish Captions, Chapter Search


Who could forget the 80s? All that classic music, the hairstyles, the fashions, the events which happened, the Brat Pack... it was quite a good decade (or at least I think so). "The Wedding Singer" is a romantic comedy set in the year 1985, and authentically recreates the time period perfectly. Though the movie was not warmly received by most critics, I was very excited about seeing this movie upon viewing the trailer, and I was not disappointed at all. It's the perfect date movie. It's very sweet and has some good laughs. Released in February 1998, the film also took in impressive box office numbers, taking in around 80 million dollars during it's theatrical run. It was also a clear indication that Adam Sandler's popularity was about to rocket through the roof.

The movie follows Robbie Hart (Sandler), a shy but extra sweet wedding singer. He still lives in the town he grew up in, taking singing gigs for weddings and giving singing lessons for meatballs. One night at a wedding party where he is performing, he meets Julia Sullivan (Barrymore), a wedding server/waitress, and they sort of hit it off. The only problem is though, they're both engaged to be married. Sadly though, Robbie is left down the aisle all by himself, when his long time girlfriend does not show up to the big day. She soon tells him off, and Robbie is heartbroken and depressed. Yet Julia helps him overcome it, as he helps her with her wedding to a really big jerk, by the name of Glenn. He's a big man with stocks and a player with the ladies. Yet Robbie sees right through him, and soon it's a race against time for Robbie to confront Julia about his feelings, and somehow show her what Glen really is.

Yes, I have to say, this plot is incredibly predictable and nothing new. Yet the way the movie is done makes it very enjoyable and fun to watch for repeated viewings. Frank Coraci's (who then went on to direct Sandler's monster hit "The Waterboy") good direction of the film really brings a standard plot to life. Tim Herlihy's script is very solid, and brings very good development to all of the characters. The performances are really well done, Sandler and Barrymore have great chemistry. This is the movie to watch if you want to go back and remember the 80s. It's filled with some classic songs, some nice references and the whole style of it may make you feel like you're there. "The Wedding Singer" is a great romantic comedy, and is probably going to be a memorable one for years to cone.


"The Wedding Singer" is presented in 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen. This transfer is really nice, like a very good majority of New Line transfers. Colors are very solid, though I felt at times some were oversaturated. Detail is incredible, and the picture is very crisp. I noticed some jaggies in a rare case, but it's not so noticeable. No signs of grain, dirt or artifacts, it's really clean. Once again, a well done transfer. A full screen version is included on the other side of the disc.


The English 5.1 Dolby Digital goes perfectly with the transfer. The movie is dialogue driven, but there are some nice surrounds, but usually when bringing the excellent musical score and those catchy 80s hits to life, which is a very good thing, it fits correctly with the film and brings more to it. I found the .1 LFE to be used every so often, and when it was used, it was perfectly used and good. Dialogue is clear and things are easy to hear. A great, creative sound mix. A French 5.1 Dolby Digital track is also included, in addition to English, French and Spanish subtitles.


I was a bit disappointed this was not a full blown out "New Line Platinum Series" disc, but there is still some great stuff on here. First off, there's five 80's Karaoke Songs. "White Wedding" by Billy Idol, "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me" by Culture Club, "Rapper's Delight" by The Sugarhill Hang, "Every Little Things She Does Is Magic" by The Police and "Hold Me Now" by The Thompson Twins. These songs can be sung with just the original background music, or with vocals. A graphic from the movie is displayed as well as the lyrics. A very interesting feature, could be good for parties. A trivia game, entitled "80's Music Mania", is chock full with questions and may just stump those hardcore 80s music freaks. Rounding out the disc is cast bios and filmographies, and the "Wedding Album", which features still photos from the film. I was also sad that the original theatrical trailer was not on the disc, because the trailer really made me anticipate the film, oh well. The movie also has some nice interactive menus, featuring some computer generated props and 2-D backgrounds and characters with some frames of animation, with music.



A very good movie which I felt the critics underrated, "The Wedding Singer" is an excellent edition to anyone's DVD collection. Though the features are nice, I could have used a little more. The presentation is near reference, with some great video and nice audio. Any fan of the movie is encouraged to pick this disc up.

(4/5, NOT included in final score)




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