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Walt Disney Treasures
The Chronological Donald
Volume Three

review by Zach B.



Running Time: 263 minutes


Studio: Disney

Retail Price: $32.99

Features: The Many Faces Of Donald Duck, Sculpting Donald, Donald Duck On "The Mickey Mouse Club", Galleries

Specs: 1.33:1 Full Screen, English Dolby Mono, English Subtitles, Two-Disc Set

Released: December 11th, 2007



The restoration of these Donald cartoons are simply glorious. Sure, they do like their age a bit: the prints have specks and dirt pieces. And there is some noise and shimmering on the cartoons. But despite all that, the image quality looks quite sharp and the fantastic color saturation is very bold and remarkably vibrant. Disney affecionados should be pleased overall.


All the cartoons in the set feature English Mono tracks. Despite being a few decades old, these tracks are crisp and easy to listen to. They are very straightforward, but they are cleaned up well: here and there I heard some cackling, but it wasn't too bad. Donald's opening theme and the other music in the cartoons sound snappy, the sound effects are audible and all the dialogue is clear. These are probably as good as you could hope for. English subtitles are also included. 


The first disc features The Many Faces Of Donald Duck. Lasting 14 and-a-half minutes, Leonard Maltin hosts a history of the famed quackster's long-standing popularity. Maltin interviews the current voice of Donald, Tony Anselmo, as well as a slew of Disney animators and historians who shed light on Donald's history, his place in the Disney Universe and what makes him so popular. A fantastic watch for all Disney fans.

The second disc features Sculpting Donald is a nine minute look with Disney animator Rubén Procopio, who shows Leonard Maltin the art of making a maquette (a small model that is referred to by animators). Donald is the subject of course, and the process of creating the maquette is quite interesting.

Both discs have Donald Duck On "The Mickey Mouse Club," which is actually an introduction of sorts by Maltin, who tells us viewers that ten openings of the original Mickey Mouse Club featuring Donald are scattered around the two discs. Can you find them all?

Also, both discs have several Galleries, featuring a lot of vintage storyboards, and introductions from Leonard Maltin. Very nice.

Finally, I don't think this is exactly an extra, but it should be noted there are a few cartoons under "From The Vault." Somewhat like the Adults Only section of your video store, Leonard Maltin gives a classy introduction in how some of these cartoons has some offensive behavior - and warns kids not to emulate him.


The Walt Disney Treasures sets are always quite a treat, and yet again the Disney company has done a great job of releasing their classic cartoons. Donald looks and sounds good considering his age, and the extra features are the icing on the cake. Given the amount of Donald shorts you get in this set, this is certainly a great value. This is a worthy addition for any Disney fan's collection.