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The Ultimate Silly Song Countdown

review by Zach B.


Studio: Big Idea

Running Time: 43 minutes

Retail Price: $14.98


Specs: 1.33:1 Full Screen, English Dolby Digital 5.1, English Stereo, Chapter Selection (13 Chapters)

Released: September 18th, 2001

I've heard a lot about Veggietales, yet this was my first time sitting down to actually watch one thanks to a review copy I did recieve. It's been around for a bit, as it is big with Christian children. Basically, the idea of Veggietales, from what I've heard, is fun stories kids can enjoy that will appeal to them. However, within the stories, they'll learn a lesson from the bible. I believe some of the other Veggietales videos/DVDs are actual bible stories.

This installment you won't learn anything - it's a colleciton of ten Veggietales songs from other videos I'm assuming as voted by fans of the series. This is basically a countdown of the songs, hosted by The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything. I will admit I did laugh a little, some of the humor can be funny for older ones. And some of the songs have film parodies. Still, these songs kids will enjoy and I know I wouldn't go around singing them. I'm not the key age for these. I'm sure kids find these catchy and love the characters and humor in them, if they aren't into the series already. It's just a silly program kids will really like and enjoy. Considering so much trash that's out there that fills their minds, this is the perfect alternative and something a lot better that you can expose them to. However, I did find most of the songs to sound the same... hmm.

Presented in the original 1.33:1 full frame ratio, this transfer is pretty good but not pixel pefect. Contrast is high, while there is a ton of shimmering. Colors are nice and look fine on the transfer. There's not much to say, but if you noticed a lot of image problems during chapter 4, I must respond I think it's supposed to look like that. I think.

A stereo track plus a 5.1 Dolby Digital track, both in English, are included. The stereo track is rather standard, but the 5.1 mix is pretty nice. It's really energetic and active, as it fills the surround speakers nicely. There is no muffling or distortion during this program. Dialogue is crisp and easy to hear. .1 LFE is also good. Will kids care? Probably not, but it does make for a richer experience. No captions or closed captions are provided.

It's rather cool to see this just isn't the program and that it has some extra features aimed for kids and will entertain them. No promo fluff, but there are adult aimed supplements so this is a good treat that will satisfy all Veggietales fans.

Behind-The-Silly-Scenes is a twenty-minute featurette divided into chapters, or can be viewed all at once. This is basically a commentary... sorta. Video interviews are mixed over clips from the program as you hear and check out the inspiration Big Idea Founders Phil Vischer and Make Nawrocki had for the songs. This can actually be rather insightful, as the two talk about inspirations and what they were going for. I'm sure this will fly over the heads of kids, but if you are an older Veggietales fan or a parent, this is worth watching.

The Interview With Phil and Mike last seven minutes, and talks about the Silly Song countdown. No clips, all them. Very nicely done and if you liked the Silly Scenes talks, this is more of the same. They talk about how fan votes were calculated, the idea for a countdown program and they do play well off each other. They're kind, nice and willing to talk about what they wanted to do with this program. More adult I guess, but I guess kids can enjoy it too. They have good ideas (no pun intended) and it's worth checking out too.

Wow, there is rough Deleted Countdown Footage that only lasts fifteen seconds. The animation needed a little more cleaning up, but I guess its for the kids.

Moo Shoo Karaoke is also for the kids, where you can choose a part to sing for the song. Choose Larry's part, Mr. Lunt's or, if you're up to the task, both. Have fun!

Finally, there is a Story Reel to show how it all comes together. Storyboards run together in case you don't know what it is. It lasts 45 seconds.

This is a fun program for kids and Veggietales fans as it packs their favorite songs onto a cool program. While I am a bit old for it, kids will really love it. It has a good presentation and great supplements, for an insanely low price. Veggietales fans and parents, pick it up!

(2.5/5 - NOT included in final score)




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