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Trekkies 2

review by Zach B.




In this follow-up to the cult-ish "Trekkies," "Trekkies 2" gives you more of what you saw in the first movie: obsessed "Star Trek" fans. Hosted by "Trek" actress Denise Crosby, the film features some follow-ups on fans featured in the original, footage of the first "Star Trek" convention held in Serbia, the German Spock and a man who converted his apartment into a replica of the Starship Enterprise and tried to sell it for two million dollars (the media covered this story awhile back, actually). And you think you're weird or have some kind of freaky obession?

Fun Fact: This is the sequel to the film "Trekkies," which dealt with the same subject. The original film was released theatrically.



The movie was shot in 1.33:1 full screen, and that's how it's presented here. The movie shot was on video, and looks quite good overall. Other than some noise on the image and some softer shots, this transfer is pretty golden. Detail stands out well, fleshtones come across as natural and the colors are bold and well saturated. Overall, the image quality is sharp and meets a pretty high standard. You don't really watch a documentary like this for imagery or expecting high visuals, but it looking good doesn't hurt at all.



"Trekkies 2" is given an English Dolby Digital 5.1 track which is fine, but not too impressive. .1 LFE effects and surrounds are minimal - the rears aren't used too often, but when they are the sounds come out pretty well (expect to hear a few Enterprise computer noises). Dialogue is easy to hear and is quite clear, while the music - namely the incredibly cheesy score - does fill up the channels, but the result of that is pretty bland. Don't worry though - you won't be sucked into the world of these fans too much. An English Dolby Surround track is included too in case you need it, as are English subtitles and English closed captions.



"Trekkies 2" features a few supplements that are perfectly in line with the movie. The Audio Commentary with Director Roger Nygard, Denise Crosby and Producer Michael Leahy is pretty casual and not too bad. Nygard seems pretty proud of his work (and REALLY into it), and all three are chatty - they offer praise for other crew members, talk about some production aspects and offer additional stories from the events and people they covered. Some of the comments are obvious, and sometimes the trio seems a bit awkward but this commentary is tolerable. It's not too exciting though or engaging - so if you really liked the movie (or some of the fans), give it a listen.

There are nineteen Deleted Scenes on the disc - wow. Most of the scenes focus on fans from specific locations, and while there's no commentary, I can only assume the filmmakers didn't want to do fan/Trek overload. Some of the stuff is fun, but it's pretty repetitive given the whole subject matter. The scenes end up totaling about fifty-six minutes - that's a lot of Trekkies, don't you think? Still, they're here and it's a lot - so enjoy if you must.

Here's an interesting extra - two Fan Films have been included: Brian Dellis' "Final Frontier Revisited" and Gabriel Kerner's "Really Bad Star Trek" Clip. The former film lasts a little under seven features and even has optional commentary from the filmmakers/actors (Brian Dellis, Paul Rudeen and Ken Wieken) and stars (which is pretty amusing, and they get a lot across in the short amount of time period). It's actually a fun little movie - it's the "Trek" universe in the old west. The second movie (in anamorphic widescreen) has some decent CGI... and that's the only good I can say about it (sorry). It's supposed to be a comedy, but it's not that funny (and the acting is terrible). I guess they call it "Really Bad Star Trek" for a reason. Each fan film is a few minutes long - once again, I must hammer in the point how obsessed some of these people are (and how much time they have on their hands to do all this).

Rounding the package off is a trailer for Ken Nygard's "Six Days In Roswell" and a film clip from "Suckers" which I guess is a project of his.




If you liked the first movie, then you know what you're getting into here - just more of it and on a more global scale. So if you're a "Star Trek" fan or have a fascination with those obsessed with something fictional on such a high level, then this movie is for you. The DVD has some nice extra features, a decent 5.1 mix and a good transfer. Enjoy, freakwatchers!

Studio: Paramount

Retail Price: $19.99

Features: Audio Commentary with Director Roger Nygard, Denise Crosby and Producer Michael Leahy, Deleted Scenes, Fan Films, Roger Nygard's Previous Work

Specs: 1.33:1 Full Screen, English Dolby Digital 5.1, English Dolby Surround, English Subtitles, English Closed Captions, Scene Selection (20 Scenes)

Released: August 31st, 2004



MPAA Rating: PG (For Language)

Running Time: 93 minutes

Starring: Denise Crosby

Directed by: Roger Nygard