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Sudden Impact
(Clint Eastwood Collection)

review by Zach B.


Rated: R

Running Time: 117 minutes

Starring: Clint Eastwood, Sandra Locke

Screenplay by: Joseph C. Stinson
Story by: Earl E. Smith & Charles B. Pierce
Based on characters created by: Harry Julian Fink and R.M. Fink

Directed by: Clint Eastwood


Studio: Warner Bros.

Retail Price: $19.98

Features: Cast and Crew, Behind The Scenes, On Location, Memorable Lines, Theatrical Trailer

Specs: 2.35:1 Anamorphic Widescreen, English Dolby Digital 5.1, French Mono, English Subtitles, French Subtitles, Spanish Subtitles, Portuguese Subtitles, Japanese Subtitles, Chinese Subitles, Thai Subtitles, Korean Subtitles, English Closed Captions, Scene Index (37 Scenes)

Released: November 20th, 2001



In the fourth "Dirty Harry" go around, it's the 1980s and Clint Eastwood is directing. Yep, we're still in San Fransisco somewhat during this film, and this time, good old Dirty Harry is on the trail of a serial killer. Like usual, Harry is pissing people off. With the help of Jennifer Spencer (Sandra Locke), a rape victim, Harry goes out to track the killer down. This mean using his way of dealing with things: violence, violence and more violence.

Obviously, Warner felt this franchise could be kept going, seeing Harry Callahan is such a popular character. Like all franchises that lose their way, they should have quit while they were ahead. Sure, this one has the stuff we love about the Dirty Harry series: violence, action, fun one-liners and Harry's gritty style.

Unfortuantly, I found "Sudden Impact" a bit akward. But I found it missing something, something I can't put my finger on. It gets a bit annoying and dull throughout. It slows down, speeds up and becomes somewhat of a bore to watch. Yet it gets the job done, even if we see that Eastwood as Harry is getting a bit older.

But Eastwood is still strong in this installment, he's still that grim Harry who always knows how to take things into his own hands and measure. He's a strong antagonist and is a lot of fun to watch. Eastwood, directs this fourth installment too. I respect Eastwood as a director, and he does a decent job with the material. I bet it's extra hard to direct a film and be in front of the camera, but there is some perspective in that. Eastwoord has some nice shots here and gets good performances out of the actor, but he's directed better before... and after. Overall, Harry fans will like it, casual fans may, but if you're not into violence and cop capers, you probably won't.



"Sudden Impact" looks pretty good but not great, even if it is newer than the first three. This also sports a new digital transfer. Grain is visible and there is some fading within the image, but it's mostly strong. Fleshtones are decent, detail is pretty good while color saturation is okay. It's nothing mindblowing and doesn't quite pop out. I wish there was some more vibrance in the colors. Shimmering and noise is also present, as well as some nicks and blemishes. It's all in 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen glory too.


The soundtrack has been mastered in English Dolby Digital 5.1, but since "Sudden Impact" is much more of a subdued Dirty Harry adventure than the others, there is less activity as far as surrounds. I felt most of the action scenes sounded quite nice, but kept more to the front soundstage. But when the bullets whiz right by, and explosions come around, there's great fun to be had and experience here, which I must admit got me into the film some more. Dialogue is also clear and easy to hear, whereas nothing overpowers it. .1 LFE is pretty good too. Nicely done stuff here. There's a French Mono track too in case you need it, plus English Subtitles, French Subtitles, Spanish Subtitles, Portuguese Subtitles, Japanese Subtitles, Chinese Subitles, Thai Subtitles, Korean Subtitles and English Closed Captions.


More or less all text based supplements: On Location, Memorable Lines, Behind The Scenes and a Cast and Crew listing. And the anamorphic widescreen Theatrical Trailer. No documentary or promo feature or anything here.


One of the weaker and more disappointing Dirty Harry sequels, fans of the original film will still eat it up. There's a nice presentation here, and a fine sound mix, but this is pretty barebones. Enjoy though.