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South Park: Volume 2

review by Zach B.


Studio: Warner/Rhino

Running Time: 100 Minutes

Retail Price: $19.99

Features: Comedy Central Trailer, Trey Parker and Matt Stone Intros

Specs: 1:33:1 Standard, English Dolby Digial Surround Stereo

No one could account what kind of phenom "South Park" would be when it debuted during August 1997. I must admit, I was one of the watchers who tuned into the first broadcast, and after it ended, I was hooked to the show. I thought it was hilarious, really original too. I taped the episode, and from episodes then and on, and have seen them tons and tons of times. Of course, the show spawned a hit movie and a ton of catchphrases "They killed Kenny!", "Respect my authori-tah!" etc.) I consider myself a fan from the start, and was happy that Warner and Rhino were releasing episodes every year on DVD. Now I could finally replace my worn out tapes. (Please note, I'm using the same intro for every volume. I don't know what more I can say for each volume, so if you don't like it, sue me.)

The second DVD volume of South Park features episodes five, six, seven and eight. Episode five, "An Elephant Makes Love To A Pig", has the boys trying to win their class science fair. So, they attempt to breed a hybrid pig/elephant using Kyle's elephant and Cartman's pig, Fluffy. However, things go wrong when the town's evil scientist, Mephisto, creates a clone of Stan and the clone runs amok.

The sixth episode, and end of the first batch of episodes on TV, is "Death", where we meet Stan's suicidial grandfather. The parents of South Park go out to protest the dirty TV show "Terrance and Phillip", and while that happens, Death himself comes to South Park.

The first Halloween special and fan favorite, "Pinkeye" is included on this volume, and was the seventh episode aired. The town of South Park slowly turns into zombies, and fun chaos breaks loose which ruins the boys' trick-or-treating and annual costume contest.

Finally, the first episode of the second half of the first season, "Damien" is on this disc. It was the eighth one aired, and we learn Cartman is having a big birthday bash. A new kid, Damien, the son of Satan, comes to South Park, and is taunted for being different and is not invited to Cartman's birthday. Meanwhile, Jesus enters a boxing battle with Satan.

Though these episodes are enjoyed by fans, except for the Halloween episode, they haven't really gone on to symbolize South Park or feature any new catchphrases and such. Still, they're on this disc, and will please anyone who buys them.

Volume two of South Park is presented in its original aspect ratio for television, which was 1.33:1, the standard. Like the other discs, it is a nice transfer. Detail is really good, and things do look pretty vibrant.

The audio is decent. You may recall that some of the first pressings had a "popping noise". The sound, though it says it's Dolby Surround Stereo, just sounded like stereo. I find the sound to be a tad bit low, but dialogue was clear and sound effects and music never overpower.

It'd be great if Trey and Matt, the creators, were willing to do some commentaries for each episodes, but we have to settle for some introductions. They are good for a little laugh, but when you come down to it, they try to hard to be funny. A comedy central preview trailer adveritisng their other, less sucessful shows is also included on the disc.

It's all up to you. If you enjoyed these episodes and are a South Park fan, you've already probably picked them up. The price is right, despite the subpar extras.

(3.5/5 (average of all four episodes), NOT included in final score)




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