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Sandra Bernhard
I'm Still Here... Damn It

review by Tony Medina

Not Rated (Parental Advisory for Explicit Content)

Studio: Palm Pictures

Running Time: 90 minutes

Starring and Written By Sandra Bernhard

Directed by Marty Callner

Retail Price: $24.95

Features: 30 Minutes Of Unseen Footage, Palm Previews, Artist Bio, Weblinks

Specs: 1.33:1 Full Screen, English Dolby Digital 2.0, Chapter Search

The truth according to Sandra can easily explain what you will see and hear when you view Sandra Bernhard's "I'm Still Here Damn It!" This filmed record of Sandra Bernhard's One Woman Show filmed live at San Francisco's Slims Nightclub captures every bit of wittiness and spunk that has made this show the talk of the town when it played here.

Originally shown on HBO in a 60 minute format, this DVD includes as an added feature, 30 minutes of footage that never made the HBO Broadcast.

Not only does Sandra show us how to take life as it is but, she makes us laugh, cry, feel good about ourselves and even sings several numbers that showcase her vocal talents as well. To top it off, Miss Sandra was pregnant during the filming which adds an interesting view to the show.

The one regret I have about this recording is that the opening song "Walk Tall" featured on the CD and in the live show is missing. As Sandra is introduced, we hear several bars on the piano and then as she walks onstage throught the audience, the camera cuts to her back and the song ceases to exist. Despite that, Sandra makes up for it as she is on stage for no more than two minutes and she has the San Francisco Crowd worshipping to hear more.

Sandra's Cynical and humorous commentary shows us that like all of us, we are trying to figure out why we are the way we are and she provides a lot of insight on society with topics ranging from Caller ID, the music industry, celebrities and life itself. You can tell that Sandra is loving every minute she is on that stage. At one point in the evening, she has a short discussion with a "Drag Queen" in the audience and she makes sure that he gets the spotlight for a moment of fame. After seeing Sandra perform live a couple times, I can say that she realizes how important her audience is and makes time for them.

As with many DVDs that contain additional footage, I wish that the added scenes that were originally part of the show would have been re-edited into the film to become one full length feature.

A couple of highlights of this show are Sandra's "stories" about Christine McVie and her versions of "Nightingale" and "Midnight Train To Georgia." When I first saw the show at Theatre on the Square, I knew she was a comedian but, I had no idea what a terrific voice she had.

Sandra reminds me of a cross between Bette Midler and Ellen Degeneres with Miss Sandra at the helm of it all...

The full screen filming of "I'm Still Here Damn It!" is visually enriching. The colors are natural looking. With the use of film as opposed to video, we are left with a natural looking presentation that is sharp, colorful and looks as though you are looking at the performance the way it was intended. The definitions are sharp and the lighting on the stage highlights the audience well as Miss Sandra. All in all, I would say the video is superb for a live show captured on film. You will feel like you are sitting in the club watching her while you are viewing this DVD.

Being a live show, the use of Dolby Digital enhances the feeling of being there. Sandra's vocals utilize the main front speakers while the rear channels pick up the audience. At some points, I found myself looking back when I heard the audience forgetting that I had the DVD in surround mode. The surround mode captures the feeling of sitting in an auditorium. The voice is well distributed in the front speakers and is sharp.

Thirty minutes of footage not shown on HBO are included as an added feature and work nicely. Each of the 12 pieces of excised footage is presented in a chapter stop and are fun to watch. The one regret I have as I said is that they were not inserted back in the sections where they were excised from.

Along with previews of Palm Picture's Releases, we have an artist bio and a web link to Palm.

What can one say when the truth is spoken? We either stray away from it as it makes us feel uncomfortable or we listen and try to judge for ourselves. While viewing this DVD, you will hear things that you can relate to, you will hear things that will make you laugh and cry. You will also hear things that may seem touching but yet, disturbing. In short, you will hear the world according to Sandra. You may laugh at some of her commentary but, if you truly think about it, you will see there is a lot of validity to what she says. This filmed record of her successful Broadway and Touring Show is a must for anyone wanting a laugh, something to think about and anyone wanting to see life as it is... In all honesty, I was not well familiarized with Sandra Bernhard before seeing this show live. After the show was finished, I went directly to the store to purchase the CD and I was hooked. On one note, Sandra has a book titled "May I Kiss You On The Lips Miss Sandra?" and all I can say is, if you are a fan or want to feel like Sandra is talking to you as if she were live on stage, pick this book up. I feel the book is a wonderful accompaniment to this show.

(4/5 - NOT included in final score)




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