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How It All Works

by Zach B.


How The Reviewing System Works

Short but Sweet reviews





How the Reviewing System Works


Every DVD reviewed on this site is rated on a scale of zero to five circles. Zero is the worst, and five is the best, respectively. Also, there are halves in the score system, these come in really thin circles (more like ovals) or halves with the new images.

Also, each DVD is rated on the following things: Video presentation, audio presentation, the features included with the disc and overall. Also, each movie/show/performance is rated, but this does not get included in the overall score. I have it that way because how the acutal movie/show/performance is and the total presentation of the disc are not directly related. You can have a bad movie and a great disc, and vice versa. It's all opinion. Nonetheless, I think the movie should have a grade based on how the reviewer liked it. On one final note, the overall score is not an average, but rather a rating the reviewer thinks the disc as a whole deserves based on the elements of the DVD and price.





The following are images you'll see in review webpages and around the site. DVDlaunch launched a new design in the fall of 2001, but since it is a time consuming process to reconfigure old pages, I decided to leave those pages as they were (besides, they're great for nostalgia!). Anyway, here are both sets of images. The first image on each line is from the old review pages, the second are the new images. Here is a run down of them all:


A review and info of the medium (movie, show, etc.) being reviewed. The rating is NOT included in the overall score.

This image indicates a section or score of Video Presentation.

This image indicates a section or score of Audio Presentation.

This image indicates a section or score about Features or Supplements a DVD includes.

This image indicates final thoughts on a disc or it's total score. The total score is NOT an average.



Short but Sweet reviews


Short but Sweet reviews are indicated by this icon at the top of a review page:

These reviews tend to focus more on the DVD itself. The same comprehensive and in-depth coverage on the DVD itself is handled - just as you would come to expect from any other review on this website. However, the only major differences are that these review webpages are laid out slightly different from normal review webpages, there is no Overall section (see below) and there is no review of the Medium (obviously no score is given for this section). Instead, a plot summary of the DVD feature (film, television show, performance, etc.) is featured.

Video, Audio and Supplements scores for the DVD are given, just like a standard review. However, instead of an Overall section and score, there is "Keep or Weep?". "Keep" (good!) means the DVD is worth getting, and "Weep" (bad!) means that it is not.




(All out of five)


Zero. Ziltch. Nothing.



One and a half.


Two and a half. Average.

Three. A little bit above...

Three and a half. Getting there...

Four. Good score.

Four and a half, almost perfect... but almost does not count.

A perfect five! The best rating anything can recieve.


 And of course, your trusty DVDlaunch.com logos.




For superior discs, DVDlaunch gives out awards, indicating a strong reccomendation.

If a DVD can score at least a four on video, audio, featres and overall (yes, each section needs at least a four), the DVDlaunch GOLD award will be added by the disc.

If a DVD can score a perfect five on all four sections (video, audio, extras and overall), it gets the PERFECT award. This is quite rare of a disc to do so, but it shows how great a DVD can truly be.

And that's it... enjoy!

Look for a complete list of what got Gold and Silver awards soon.