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The Rage: Carrie 2

review by Ren C.


Rated R

Studio: MGM/UA

Running Time: 105 minutes

Starring: Emily Bergl, Jason London

Directed by: Katt Shea

Retail Price: $19.98

Features: Commentary, Deleted Scenes

Specs: Widescreen Anamorphic-1.85:1, Full Screen (Standard)-1.33:1, English (Dolby Digital 5.1), French (Dolby Digital 5.1), English & French Subtitles

For those that have never seen the original Carrie, it is one of the best and most talked-about horror films to come out of the 1970s. It might also be a good idea to see the original before you see this, its well-intentioned sequel. The Rage: Carrie 2 makes extensive reference to the events from the original, and is fairly liberal in its use of clips from the original. While ostensibly a sequel, Carrie 2 turns more into a way in which to move the original into the '90s. The setup is much the same, girl is unpopular at school, becomes involved with the popular crowd in one way or another, bad things happen. In saying this, I don't mean to say that this is a bad movie. If it didn't have very big shoes to fill, and was in fact standing on its own, it would be a fairly good movie. As it is, it stands as a rather bizarre sequel.

The plot, such as it is, introduces Rachel (Emily Bergl) as a girl who is placed with foster parents in the same town where Carrie White wreaked havoc so many years ago. She is fairly withdrawn and keeps to herself, but that all changes when she winds up in the middle of a scandal among the members of the football team. One other detail-Rachel is also a telekinetic, just like Carrie White.

The actors in the movie all do the best they can with their roles although they are fairly written into their stereotypes: the jock, the snob, etc. Only Emily Bergl as Rachel manages to take her character above and beyond the fairly limited corner it has been written into. She manages to convey her emotions without words and to make her character seem more three-dimensional than the rest. As it is, this movie stands as a good popcorn flick, and the best kind of horror movie, the well-intentioned cheesy kind.


The video for this movie looked very good, considering the fact that the movie is only about two years old. There was no noticeable grain or artifacts on the transfer, and the transfer, overall was very crisp and clear.

A very good audio mix here, as this is a horror movie, and as such the bass should shine through. It does so here, not just during the action sequences, but also during some of the other generic high school scenes. The dialogue comes through well, and is never overshadowed by the action.

A little less than a full-on special edition, in my opinion, the disc does have some very nice supplemental features. First up is a running commentary with the director of the movie, Katt Shea. Shea seems very proud of the movie, and more than happy to talk about it at length. Shea talks about the ideas behind the movie, and some of the imagery that has been brought into the movie.

Next, we have a set of deleted scenes that can be viewed with or without commentary. These fall into the category of scenes that really weren't necessary and just would have padded the running time of the movie. Shea talks about these scenes as well and discusses the reasons why they were cut.

There is also an alternate ending with the effects before and after. To be honest, this is one of the silliest alternate endings that I've seen, and it quite possibly could have brought the whole movie down had they used it. It is still nice that it's included, though. Shea again contributes commentary here, and is, as always, very animated. Also, though it's negotiable whether or not it should be called a feature, is the fact that both the widescreen and full screen versions are included for those that would want to see the movie in full screen.

While this isn't going to become one of the new classics, it's certainly worth a rental. The video and audio transfers are good, and there are several fairly good features. Mild recommendation.

(3/5, NOT included in final score)




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