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Click above to purchase "Planet Of The Apes - The Complete TV Series" at amazon.com


Planet Of The Apes
The Complete TV Series

review by Zach B.


Running Time: 644 minutes

Starring Roddy McDowall, Ron Harper, James Naughton


Studio: Fox

Retail Price: $49.98

Features: Trailers

Specs: 1.33:1 Full Frame, English Mono, French Mono, English Closed Captions, English Subtitles, Spanish Subtitles, Scene Selection (24 Scenes)

Released: November 20th, 2001

One of the more popular franchises ever, "Planet Of The Apes" has truly made its mark in pop culture. From the original novel to the finale in the first movie everyone seems to know, it really has made its mark on culture.Not only was "Planet Of The Apes" a giant franchise, it holds it own for giving some birth in merchandising and licensing as far as products, as when the original figures came out, I do believe extensive lines on something from a different medium were never done. In anycase... the point is while the movies are still popular, back in the day they were huge. In an attempt to capitalize on the success of the movies, a television series was introduced. Only makes sense, right?

The series takes place in 1980, where two astronauts named Alan and Peter crash on a weird planet in the year 3085. It's a planet where humans or nothing and the apes are super intelligent and rule it all. Why, they've landed on a planet full of apes! It's up to them to survive. With the help of Galen, the trio have to avoid the evil General Urko and his army through the episodes. While each episode has the same plot line more or less about avoiding Urko and the tension, it surprisingly remains rather fresh and original during the episodes and not the same old thing.

I like "Planet Of The Apes" stuff, but I'm not a giant freak or anything. This is the first time the series is being offered on home video, no doubt to tie in with Tim Burton's remake err "j" of the first movie. "Apes" fans will want to check this out and have in their collection.

So how is the series? It's okay. The writing's fine for what it is and so is the directing... it's 1970s TV. The actors fit their roles, but there's really nothing that makes the series stand out above other shows. It fits fine within the franchise. So if you're a big fan of "Planet Of The Apes," you'll probably be into this show more than myself and like it better than I did. Again, this is for collector's... and you even get a lost episode that never aired in the original run! Enjoy "Apes" fans.

Presented in their original full frame aspect ratios of 1.33:1, you won't get much here. Shimmering, noises, oversaturation of the colors at times, blemishes, scratches, grain... it's all here. Ech. It can be rather distracting, but some episodes look better than others. If you're expecting a great TV transfer... you're not. These episodes are old, and I must admit I did sorta expect them to be like this.

Not much to say here. It's in mono (English or French, take your pick). Fidelity is rather limited and I had to turn my volume up quite a bit. Dialogue is clear and you can hear it, and nothing really overpowers what's here. English closed captions, English subtitles and French subtitles are on the episodes as well.

On the fourth disc you have a Planet Of The Apes Cross Trailer and the 2001 version Theatrical Trailer. Might as well promote the others...


Finally on video, the television series of "Planet Of The Apes" is being sold at a good price and something collectors should have in their collection. While this is pretty bare bones and you're not buying this for presentation, it's worth it if you're a fan.

(3/5 - NOT included in final score)




(3/5, NOT an average)

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