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Perfect Blue

review by Anime Freak


Studio: Manga Video

Starring: Junko Iwao, Rica Matsumoto, Shinpachi Tsuji, Masaaki Okura

Written by: Takeshi Washitani

Directed by: Satoshi Kon

Retail Price: $29.95

Features: Behind-the-scenes Footage, Interviews, Scene Access, Photo Gallery, TV Spots And Theatrical Trailer

Specs: 1.33:1 Standard, Chapter Search (25 Chapters)

The REAL pleasure in this film is the story itself. Mima´s constant battle within herself is only enhanced by the role in the script she is portraying. You almost have to really pay attention to realize that her life and the film were actually one and the same. The movie was considered to be a film that Hitchcock would of made. It was a very well preformed anime movie. It holds nudity of the main character, which is more of an art to show how far people will go to be big celebrities. There is a type of stalker following her around, and the stalker creates a fan site of her and when Mima finds this site, she finds out that the person knows everything she did in detail day by day. Pretty damn eerie. It is not a movie for a family; this movie also has very bloody scenes like a screwdriver in the eyeball, and the very disturbing rape scene which takes place for a part of a movie she was acting on, so I don't know if they call it rape if your doing it for a movie. But the story is full of plot and keeps you guessing on who the stalker is working for. This movie is a realistic anime no robots, no magic powers just the a internal struggle from a women who is on her own, and you'll never guess who is the one who is trying to kill her. The production value is a very hard thing to find out on a anime, but when I viewed it I found the detail of the artistry to be sharp and give the realism to the characters and put in a lot of darkness in this when something evil is about to happen, like when the director is in the parking lot and he hears noises it gives a graveyard type look before he becomes a victim. This type of use for creepiness makes you get very involved with the plot. This is an anime to have but some people might not want to own something like this, so please rent it and check it out you will not be disappointed.


The picture is in a standard full screen, which is not something I like, but it does not affect the quality at all. The pixilation of the characters are very sharp and shows the great detail of the animators' drawings. The digital imaging gives great aspect to every element in the background and even the extras in the back are in good quality.

Thanks to 5.1 Dolby Digital surround, the audio is as expected in perfect digital quality. The audio comes out great, since there are a couple of songs that are sung this makes the protectionists to make sure that the DVD gets great value.

For an anime this DVD contained a lot of features like:

Behind-the-scenes Footage, which gives great shots of how they made this anime from the character voices up to the final edit.

There are also Interviews, with all the people who did the English voice-overs. They discuss how they feel about being apart of such a popular anime movie and other great moments making this film.

The Photo Gallery, of course is images from the movie, which are very well shot and picked.

Finally, the Theatrical Trailer shows a trailer when the movie was out in theaters in Japan and there are TV Spots.

If you're into a realistic anime with twisted scenes now and then (It wouldn't be anime with out a little twisted ness), then you'll love this story of strength in a one person to find the truth. I found this movie to be one of the best anime movies that has be created. "A twisted, disturbing, deep involving thriller" says New York Daily News. This is not an unknown movie which shows that it wasn't put together half assed like some anime, they took time and concentration. Satoshi Kon and Takeshi Washitani made this a must have anime for all freaks of anime.

(4.5/5, NOT included in final score)




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