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Marilyn Monroe
The Diamond Collection

review by Zach B.
Marilyn Monroe film reviews by Zach B. and Anthony D.


(For Marilyn Monroe: The Final Days)

Not Rated

Studio: Fox

Running Time: 117 minutes

Narrated by James Coburn

Written by Monica Bider

Directed by Patty Inins

Set Retail Price: $99.98

Features: "There's No Business Like Show Business", "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes", "Bus Stop", "The Seven Year Itch", "How To Marry A Millionare", "Marilyn Monroe: The Final Days"

"Final Days" Features: Movietone Newsreel: Cinemascope, Cleopatra Promotional Trailer

"Final Days" Specs: 1.33:1 Full Frame, English Stereo, English subtitles, Scene Selection (16 Chapters)

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Now, as far as "Marilyn Monroe: The Final Days" go, it's a pretty intriguing documentary about the screen legend. It's exclusive to this set you can't get it anywhere else. Her films will live forever and her legend will never die, and this documentary exposes her in interesting lights. This documentary, narrated by James Coburn (yay!), talks about her last film that was never finished and even offers an edited reconstruction of it. The documentary features footage from it, outtakes, clips from other Marilyn films and has interviews (such as with write Walter Bernstein) that bring light on to the subject. Also shown is some cool stock footage, stills of articles, pictures, assorted notes and other stuff. This is a really well made documentary that not only features a wealth of information on Marilyn, "Something Got's To Give" and other stuff, it doesn't bore and gets more interesting and interesting as it goes along. It's nearly two hours put goes at a good pace and doesn't focus on one particular subject or area for too long, which I was glad to see. If you're a Marilyn fan, you owe yourself to watch this documentary and own it. It's quite detailed and the rare footage is priceless.


The transfer for "Marilyn Monroe: The Final Days" is in full frame. The film portions looks its age as it should and even has shimmering, while the video portions are decent enough. Nothing mind-blowing but it's not shoddy and looks as good as it should be.

The audio for the documentary is decent as it should be. It won't blow your speakers, but it's not supposed to be. There's some nice music in the background that doesn't overlap with the dialogue. The dialogue is crisp, clear and sounds perfectly fine. Sounds are nice and easy to hear, and those additional sounds bring additional life to this great documentary. English subtitles are also included.

"Marilyn Monroe: The Final Days" features a "Cleopatra" Promotional Trailer and a Movietone News section devoted to Cinemascope which is quite neat though he sound and picture is terrible on it. This is the longest Movietone News on all the Marilyn discs and lasts four minutes. What, no restoration comparison? Heheh.

This is one spectacular set and worth owning if you love the Marilyn films. Even if you plan on only buying a few of the films, you do save in the end and get the excellent documentary "The Final Days" that is exclusive to this set. The films are 25 bucks a pop and this set retails for 100, so it's like getting two discs free. Considering you can get it for cheaper is even a sweeter deal. It's nice to see some of Marilyn's greatest films on DVD, and this collection does them justice with great restorations and remixes, plus cool features. I highly reccomend this set, and I think everyone will enjoy it.

(4/5 (score for "Final Days") - NOT included in final score)

,(4/5 - Final Days, 3.5/5 - total for all Marilyn films)

,(3/5 - Final Days, 3/5 - total for all Marilyn films )

,(.5/5 - Final Days, 2.5/5 - total for all Marilyn films)

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