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The Cartoon Adventures
The Angry Eyebrows

review by Zach B.



Rating: Not Rated

Running Time: 30 minutes

Studio: Big Idea

Retail Price: $19.99

Features: Origins Of Larryboy, Making Of A Hero, Bumblyburg, Promo Materials, Tom Swapper, Draw Larryboy Bok Choy's Pop Quiz, Larry-Oke. DVD-ROM: Script, Story Treatment

Specs: 1.33:1 Full Screen, English Dolby Digital 5.1, English Stereo, English Subtitles, Scene Selections (8 Scenes)

Released: March 19th, 2002




Ah yes, Big Idea, the media company born in 1993 to create children's programming that's not only fun for the whole family, but teaches us pure values that we all need to learn at some time or another. Big Idea's shows are quite popular within the Christian community, as their values and some of their stories from their "Veggietales" franchise comes from the Bible itself. Big Idea's main staple has been computer animation, but now, it seems they are out to conquer the more traditional 2-D market.

This is basically a spin-off of the successful entertainment series. Larryboy's been computer animated before, but I guess it's just easier to do a lengthy version animated (I bet it is quicker too). In the first episode of the 2-D animated series, we meet our hero Larryboy, who by day, is a janitor at The Daily Bumble, the local newspaper and goes by the name Larry The Cucumber. But by night or when crime strikes, he turns into Larryboy. This time, Larryboy must fight Awful Alvin who releases Angry Eyebrows, which in turn makes people hold on to their anger. Can Larryboy stop Alvin and his army of evil in time? And can Larryboy save himself?

I can see why kids enjoy this. It has fun characters and a lot of fun jokes aimed for that certain set. They'll probably smile and laugh, which is a good thing. But perhaps more importantly is that they'll get something good out of it. This first episode teaches a really important lesson about anger, and how we should not hold grudges because it's not worth it, and that anger is hurtful and can destroy. But if parents sit down and watch this with their kids, they'll find some fun in it as well. There are jokes that will go over the heads of kids but parents will surely get and will enjoy.

This is a well made cartoon in my opinion. It's not something I'd go out and watch on my own (besides, I'm Jewish and don't need the values from the New Testament), but I must admit Larryboy wasn't a bad watch. The animation style is very nice, filled with vibrant colors and a great fluency to it. The voices, who you've probably heard before from the Veggietales series, are also quite solid and fit nicely with the voices. So if you want to teach your kids good values from the Good Book but with some fun, "Larryboy" is worth checking out.


Presented in 1.33:1 full screen, the transfer on "Larryboy and the Angry Eyebrows" looks quite good and mighty impressive. Since this is basically made right for video, there isn't much to worry about. Colors are rather fluid and really nice to look out. The saturation of them are bold, deep and really pop right out at you for a strong effect. The animation looks nice and the overall transfer is sharp.


There's an English stereo track and English 5.1 track. The stereo track is decent, while the 5.1 track basically sounds like the stereo track, but a few enhancments. It has great fidelity and feels a bit deeper, but the surrounds it proves are rather straightforward and simple. There are nice effects, but nothing major. Dialogue is clear and easy to hear as well. Not much else to say. English subtitles are also included.


This DVD has some pretty good features. Origins Of Larryboy is an interview basically with Mike Nawrocki, who does the voice for Larry The Cucumber and Larryboy. He seems to be pretty involved at Big Idea, and he talks about who Larry is, Larry's past appearances and more. This is very nice and informative, and uses clips from other Veggietales series and stills. Worth checking out as it truns about four minutes.

Making Of A Hero is divided into three sections: animation progression, storyboards and story reel. Tom Bancroft takes us through the animation progression through stills, explanations and rough drawings. Storyboards are various steels and the story reel compares the boards to the final product for the last scene. In Bumblyburg, we have stills for the characters, backgrounds and sets and then Bancroft goes through the creation of superheroes.

Under the Promo Materials, we have ads for the Veggietales movie coming summer 2002 entitled "Jonah," and trailers for "Larryboy," "Rumor Weed" and "Heros Of The Bible." We also have early logo designs under the Printed Stuff section.

Top Swapper is where you switch heads and bodies of the characters, Draw Larryboy is also hosted by Tom Bancroft and teaches you how to draw him in this nice featurette, while Bok Choy's Pop Quiz is a series of jokes and Larry-Oke is karaoke for the theme song.


If you want to teach your kids Bible lessons or are a Veggiestale fan, then "Larryboy and the Angry Eyebrows" is worth picking up. The DVD has a good presentation and cool supplements for a nice price, so it should make a good addition to your collection.