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Hitters On Hitting
Finding The Sweet Spot

review by Zach B.

Studio: Q-Video

Running Time: 98 minutes


Retail Price: $19.95

Features: Bonus Footage featuring Home Run Derby highlights, DVD-ROM: Weblink

Specs: 1.33:1 Full Frame, English Dolby 2.0, Chapter Selection

QVC now has their own home video company that seem to take the place where USA Studios left off with their sports titles. Now, you won't have to order it directly from QVC or wait till it pops up on the channel to order, you can buy it in your local store which does make sense. Their premiere title, "Hitters On Hitting: Finding The Sweet Spot" offers an interesting look at baseball. I do enjoy the sport, so I was pleased to check out this DVD.

This DVD release features forty-seven minutes of non-stop baseball, plus an additional fifty minutes of bonus footage that covers Home Run Derby highlights and "The Science Of Swing". Basically, all of these have a lot of clips from old pro baseball games and a slew of interviews with major stars such as Cal Ripken Jr., Mark McGwire, Tony Gwyn, Mike Piazza, Edgar Martinez, Barry Bonds a few others. Those guys and many other young and old baseball players talk about their skills, their techniques and their ways of playing the game. This is not really fluffy, but rather, it's pretty in-depth. I'm not sure how many baseball fans are going to enjoy this, I think you'll really, really need to be in the game since this can get a bit dry and a bit technical. Still, it's incredibly informative and rather interesting. There's a lot of good tidbits and interviews to enjoy about the sport, not to mention pros talking about other pros. I think the math and science aspects will turn people off though. Still, baseball fans and those really, really interested in players thoughts on the game and techniques should really check this out.

"Hitters On Hitting: Finding The Sweet Spot" is presented in full frame nd looks pretty decent. The source material looks fine depending on the clips. There is some noise and shimmering on the video portions, I noticed some slight grain at times during the course of the feature. The older clips of course show their age with blemishes and whatnot, but in either case, this transfer is pretty sharp.

The disc's 2.0 Dolby Digital audio in English is surprisingly good. The music has a nice background touch to it, while dialogue is not distorted and muffled. Everything sounds rather clear and comes out quite well. The smacks of the bat, crowds and other noises also pack a nice punch to the sound. Overall, you're not listening to a 5.1 mix at all or trying to blow your speakers out, but this is a good track that suits the material well. No captions are included.

This DVD features fifty minutes of bonus footage as I mentioned earlier that's not included on the VHS release. Each are chapter encoded which are nifty so you can jump right to a certain spot. You get info on The Science Of Swing and you can watch Home Run Derby Highlights. Plus, if you search around you can find a Weblink.

While I'm not sure how baseball fans are going to like this feature, I found it interesting and pretty in-depth. If you're a die hard baseball fan you'll eat this up, more casual fans I'm not sure about. I think the "technical" parts will turn people off. Still, with bonus footage and a good presentation, if you're interested check it out.

(3.5/5 - NOT included in final score)




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