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Elmo's World
Wild Wild West

review by Zach B.


Running Time: 50 minutes


Studio: Sony Wonder

Retail Price: $19.95

Features: Games, Program Clips, Sesame Street DVD Clips. DVD-ROM: Weblinks

Specs: 1.33:1 Full Screen, English Stereo, English Closed Captions, Scene Selections (19 Parts)

Released: October 23rd, 2001



The "Elmo's World" segment has been on Sesame Street for a bit now, seeing how Elmo is arguably the most popular Sesame Street character currently. So it would only make sense to release a home video and DVD involving Elmo. This 50 minute "Elmo's World" was made exclusively for the home video market. I'm obvious not the target audience for this, but if you like Sesame Street or know kids who do, they'll eat this up.

So yes, this program deals with the Wild Wild West. Elmo gets all dressed in his cowboy outfit, we meet Marshall Grover and we got the Noodles - actress Kristen Chenoweth, Bill Irwin and Michael Jeter consist of them. Travis Tritt also drops by, and of course, we're treated to clips of horses, children and wild wild west related things. And if you're hoping that Zoe and Elmo will finally hook up in this installment, THEY DON'T. ARNGH. ELMO SHOULD JUST CONFESS HIS LOVE FOR ZOE RIGHT NOW AND MOVE IN TOGETHER ON SESAME STREET. IT WOULD END THE SOAP OPERA TENSION. Err, nevermind... Again, I'm a bit old for Sesame Street... but if you're a parent or an older sibling, this is a program worth getting that they're sure to enjoy.



WHAT? NO ANAMORPHIC WIDESCREEN! HOW DARE THEY! Just kidding... 1.33:1 full screen here, the intended ratio I'm sure. There's some slight noise and shimmering, but this is one vibrant transfer. Everything pops out right at you. Colors are well saturated, and the colors are really bright and nice which I'm sure kids will be attracted to. Nicely done, but no kid is really going to care how the video looks.


There's English closed captions and an English stereo track that gets the job done. Fidelity is pretty high and things are crystal clear. Dialogue is easy to hear, and the sounds don't add much or go over it which is nice. No 5.1 mix and no one will complain. Kids will just be happy to hear the program.


You can Go To Your Favorite Part (scene selection for kids). Play Games... not really. Some are games (The Wild Wild West Game, Help Be A Cowboy), but they're songs (Elmo's Song, Home On The Range) to sing along with, plus bonus programs... Hero Guy, Monster Clubhouse and you too can learn the Noodle Wild Wild West Dance. Kids will surely enjoy these. And for grown-ups... clips for other Sesame Street DVDs and Weblinks. At least they didn't shove these in the kids face (cross promotionalizing to ruin them!), but kids can easily access this. And the trailers are actually clips of other DVDs, so let them watch (no harm done) and then go buy for them.



Decent picture, decent sound and fun for kids. If you want this for a child, brother or sister or someone you know who likes Sesame Street... it's worth it.