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Bring It On
Collector's Edition

review by Zach B.

Rated PG-13

Studio: Universal

Running Time: 99 minutes

Starring Kirsten Dunst, Eliza Dushku, Jesse Bradford, Gabrielle Union

Written by Jessica Bendinger

Directed by Peyton Reed

Retail Price: $26.99

Features: Commentary with Director Peyton Reed, Spotlight On Location: The Making Of "Bring It On" featurette, Deleted Scenes, Extended Scenes, Never Before Seen Home Movies Of The Car Wash Scene, Wardrobe and Makeup Tests, "Did You Know That" Text Commentary Track, Blaque "As If" Music Video, Theatrical Trailer, Reccomendations DVD-ROM: Screensaver, Cheer Quiz

Specs: 1.85:1 Anamorphic Widescreen, English Dolby Digital 5.1, English DTS 5.1, French Dolby Digital 5.1, English Subtitles, Chapter Search (20 Chapters)

A surprise smash hit for Universal, "Bring It On" not only brought in audience, it recieved rave reviews during its late summer opening during August 2000. I did originally want to see it in the theaters, but I missed it, and this DVD is a great way to experience the movie.

Torrance (Kirsten Dunst) has just been elected team captain for the hot and sexy Toro sqaud at her San Diego school. They think they have a shot at cheer glory to win a major cheer competition, but their dreams pop when a rival squad from the other side of town called the Clovers have the same exact routine as them. The Toros must now struggle to find some new routines. Of course, with it comes madcap zaniness and a lot fun within it all.

This is a pretty enjoyable movie, because it's pretty tounge-in-cheek. It's a satire of sorts, complete with it's easy to figure out plotlines and nothing new characters. Still, it works really, really well. The characters are developed nicely and they are pretty funny. A lot of it mocks the intense competition of the cheerleading world and a lot of what goes with it. I can't recall a movie that was all about and poked fun at cheerleading. This movie is pretty original and again, it works really well because it's really well made. You know what you're coming in for and you get just that, and it's all executed really well.

First time writer Jessica Bendinger creates a whole atmosphere that's enjoyable and light (filled with some pretty good points), while Peyton Reed brings it to full life. He's a pretty stylish director and I look foward to seeing more of his work in the future (hopefully). The acting is good, from the likes of teen star Kirsten Dunst, Eliza Dushku and a host of others. They really bring their roles the perfect dimension. It's not Oscar® worthy, but it's not corny and they bring the characters and their clichés together. And finally, the excellent cheerleading routines complete with sexy girls and skimpy outfits. They're pretty fun to watch. The editing in the cheer scenes are excellent, you don't get confused and get a nice view of things (in non-sexual ways and sexual ways you perverts!)

"Bring It On" is really well written, editied and directed with much thought and care. In an industry over populated with dumb, stupid and overused teen plotlines, "Bring It On" is one of the rare few that stand over the crowd. All teen movies are fun in my opinion, but some are funner and a lot better than others. "Bring It On" is in the latter catagory. It's easy to get into it, it has a point and again, it's plain, sassy fun. If you like a fun movie or a teen comedy, don't miss "Bring It On". I'm sure if you like these movies you didn't miss it in the theater.

"Bring It On" looks sparkling in its 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen transfer. Colors, hues and fleshtones are really well saturated, the way things looked really impressed me. From the bright cheerleading costumes to some really nice exterior shots, Universal once again delivers a very fine transfer. Detail and night shots look excellent. Despite some shimmering here and there and a piece of dirt now and then, this is near-reference quality. A jaw-dropping job from Universal.

"Bring It On" has two great aggressive tracks. A Dolby Digital 5.1 and a DTS 5.1. These are right up there with the transfer, and like the transfer, I was surprised how good these tracks were. They're aggressive, and they should be. A movie with a lot of music, crowds and the like should have a bevy of surrounds. And these tracks feature a bevy of surrounds. The music encloses a lot, and use the channels to good use. The games and cheer competitions feature a lot of great split surrounds and you really feel like you're there. There's a lot to experience and enjoy here. .1 LFE is really good, and dialogue is clear and easy to hear, nothing interferes. The Dolby Digital and DTS to me are literally neck and neck, but the DTS edged it out just a little. I felt the DTS had a little more depth and felt tighter around the edges. Still, make no mistake, either track delivers a great experience. A French 5.1 Dolby Digital is also included, and so are English subtitles.

Another fine Universal Collector's Edition presents a great array of features. First up is a Commentary With Peyton Reed. Reed is quite chatty and his comments are quite welcome. There are no gaps and it is a very consistent track. He talks about filming locations, his thoughts on the script, influences, production stories and whatnot. Reed is very well prepared, funny and interesting, he really seemed to have a great time making the movie. This is truly one of the better tracks I've heard in a very long time. If you liked the movie or were interested at all, definently don't miss it. It's a lot of fun.

Spotlight On Location: The Making Of Bring It On is your usual Universal featurette. It features clips, interviews and some behind the scenes footage. It basically explains the movie and the cast and crew's thoughts. It's somewhat promotional, but a good watch.

There are some Deleted Scenes and Extended Scenes. Pretty self explanitory, right? Reed gives an intro for each, and again, he's a lot of fun to listen to. These scenes are pretty fun, and are in non-anamorphic widescreen and two channel sound. Reed explains why the extended were cut down, but it is pretty obvious why the deleted ones were deleted. Still, he gives his take and you can view them. A nice addition. There are ten deleted scenes and three extended scenes to watch.

Never Before Seen Home Movie Of The Car Wash Scene is nicely introduced by Reed and it's shot in Super-8. It's short, but still fun. It's more of a "best of what was shot" montage.

Wardrobe And Make-Up Tests is a short look at the tests of how the characters look played to the film's opening cheer. It's not much, it's basically raw footage strung together, but there's more Dunst for you, so knock yourself out.

Did You Know That? is a pretty interesting feature, it reminded me a lot of the VH1 show "Pop Up Video". Esentially, it's a subtitle track where facts about cheerleading in general and the movie show up. The boxes may get annoying, but if you want to cram yourself with cheer knowledge and film facts, it's here. I enjoyed it, but because of it, you can't switch between this subtitle stream or the English, and can't turn it off or you can't turn the English off, so be prepared before you watch the move on how you want to view it.

Rounding the disc off is the Music Video "As If" from Blaque, the non-anamorphic Theatrical Trailer, Production Notes (also in the keep case insert), Cast and Filmmakers Bios (well, Reed is the only one with a bio) and Universal Recomendations. You get cheap plugs for "Billy Madison", "Uncle Buck", "Reality Bites", "The Skulls" and October Sky (the last three have trailers to view). As far as DVD-ROM features go, there's the Universal Newsletter, a cheer quiz, screensaver and more. Plus, there's a really nice and easy to find easter egg. It's not much, but it's pretty enjoyable, so start hunting!

An enjoyable teen film, Universal once again delivers a nice Collector's Edition with an incredible presentation and a good amount of extras. If you liked the movie or teen films in general, be sure to pick it up.

(3.5/5 - NOT included in final score)




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