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Bear In The Big Blue House
Everybody's Special

review by Zach B.


Running Time: 75 minutes


Studio: Columbia/Tri-Star

Retail Price: $19.95

Features: Sing-Along Songs, Bonus Trailers

Specs: 1.33:1 Full Screen, English Dolby Surround, English Closed Captions, English Subtitles, English Closed Captions

Released: May 7th, 2002



"Bear In The Big Blue House" is a show that I believe once aired on cable's own Disney channel (I'm not sure if it still runs), and I believe it became pretty popular. So popular, in fact, there must have been a need to put them on video and DVD so parents can pop them in and kids can watch them again and again. I'm a bit old for "Bear In The Big Blue House," but it's in the vein of Sesame Street (Jim Henson Company even produces it) so I can see why kids enjoy it and why parents don't mind. The characters are lovable, it's a very happy and positive show and it teaches kids stuff they're learning and getting used to, things they should know about. Again, I'm a bit old for this... but with fun characters, songs to sing that they can learn and have a good time with. This installment includes three episodes of the show:

As Different As Day and Night - After Tutter the mouse feels jealous about Bear being big and able to do things big bears can do, Bear tries to make his friend feel good about being small. But as the course of the episode rolls on, we learn that being different makes us who we are and can actually be fun in unique ways.

Bats Are People Too - Equality is learned here, and when Bear and his friends meet Benny, a bat, as they must realize that they shouldn't be scared of the creature but rather learn about his differences and realize he's a good animal after all.

The Yard Sale - Doc Hogg is trying to help a charity, so everyone at the house joins together to have a yard sale, raise money and help their friend out.


Kids won't care about this really, but for you buffs, here's the review on the video. It's presented in 1.33:1 full screen here as originally shot, so no widescreen here. Still, the transfers are really nice due to how bold and how much the image pops right out. The series is quite colorful, and you can see the details on the animal costumes and puppets, the colors of the rooms in the house and more. There's some noise and shimmering throughout, but the transfers are incredibly solid and nice to look at.


English Dolby Surround is the only game in town on this DVD release, and it works great with the show. There's not much surrounds or major noises here, but the sounds are nice fits. The dialogue can easily be hear and has a crystal quality to it, while the background music sounds pretty superb. Little sounds and noises also have their own punch. Overall, everything here blends very nicely and is a solid like the other DVD releases, so there should be no problems here. Also included are English subtitles, Spanish subtitles and English closed captions.


Four Sing-Alongs are here - "Opposites," "Bat Dance," "We're All Different" and "A Million Nickels." So if your kid or you like the songs and want to sing along and learn them, go crazy. There's also some Bonus Trailers for other "Big Bear In The Blue House" episodes, "Dragon Tales," "Kermit's Swamp Tales," "Jay Jay The Jet Plane" and The Trumpet Of The Swan.



"Bear and The Big Blue House - Everybody's Special!" are good programs to show your children and whatnot if they like the "Bear In The Big Blue House" series, and want to teach them that equality is normal, and that we're all special in our own ways and that we shouldn't judge, but rather, embrace those are different from us. The DVD release is very solid with run of the mill bonus features and a fine presentation. So if you need these episodes, here they are...