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DVDlaunch officially opened it's doors on September 1st, 2000 after being announced and slightly hyped from mid-August on.

The site was created and launched by film fanatic and DVD lover Zach B., who had contributed to several DVD websites in the past, as well as having his own DVD review sections on his old film website, "Cinema Village" and finally it garnered a section at his old domain name devoted to a variety of his work. What was the section called? Why, it was entitled "Zach B.'s Digital Video Domain".

Getting DVDlaunch together was no easy task. At first there was a little problem with site design, and choosing the name was pretty intense. Zach B. went through nearly four dozen domain names, and finally found five names that were not taken (everyone has really registered DVD"your word goes in here"). Out of the five, two were pretty stupid, and pointless, and the other three sounded all right. Obviously, DVDlaunch was decided on. Yet the main problem with the site pretty much lied in hiring people.

Zach went to a few newsgroups with a message describing a little about the site, and asked for those interested to mail him if they would be interested in working for it. Many argued that this was a stupid tactic, yet Zach believed there was those out there who were willing and had the passion to write DVD reviews and articles, as sometimes fans know best. Zach recieved about forty responses (not bad at all), and people were asked to submit reviews. A small handful did not send reviews, but mostly everyone did. Some people who Zach wanted to hire were not, because the site would basically focus on Region 1 discs and people did not have access to them and lived out of the country. Yet a majority of the reviews were excellent, and Zach hired four people for the intitial launch (no pun intended).

So DVDlaunch was initally succesful. In the first month alone, 100 reviews were written (!) for the site which is quite an impressive task. Reviewers came though and reviewers went, as DVDlaunch arguably has a very diverse staff. Many of the major and smallr studios came on board to support the site with press information and screeners in a short amount of time, making DVDlaunch a premiere DVD site that could contend with other DVD sites out there.

As the fanbase for the site continued to grow and as more and more reviews were written with studio backing, Zach continued to manage the site and successfully add on new additions. Zach is a giant video game lover, and in October 2000, he introduced a small yet stable gaming section in addition to new features. The gaming section even scored even reviewers who's main priorty was to review games.

However, Zach was unhappy with this simple site design for quite a long time. As he never had time to play around with new redesigns, he finally decided to do something about it one year after DVDlaunch's launch (no pun intended again) on the net. Hiring his good friend Greg who has designed a great deal of sites before, Greg created some new graphics, but more importantly, a much cleaner, easier and more elegant site design that everyone could be pleased with. In November 2000, after some sneak previews, the final redesigns were finished. This even included a complete revamping of the video game section, older pages and the review pages plus new layout touches.

Zach says the main purpose of DVDlaunch is not to compete with other major DVD sites out there, but to provide a very nice place for reviews and info for DVD fans, in addition to other things. Another goal is have the most distinct variety of reviews as possible. On DVDlaunch, you'll find all sorts of music based reviews, animation reviews in addition to older catalog titles and the latest releases from the major and smaller studios.