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September 15th, 2000

It's the weekend! Plus an announcment for all you Pokéfreaks!

Ah, it's finally Friday. The weekend is graced upon us. Some time to kick back and relax. Luckily, the Olympics start this weekend (with a major tape delay) which should provide a solid few weeks of fun, and then off to the delayed Fall TV season (thanks to the Olympics).

Not so many movies are opening today. "Duets", the delayed Gwenyth Platrow comedy-drama, directed by her dad Bruce, comes to theaters in select cities. The movie was delayed from May, after Disney refused to release since two scenes were incredibly violent. The scenes were cut, and now it's out for your enjoyment.

"Bait", the Jamie Fox comedy is also opening. But what I'll be checking out is a title I've been anticipating for a really long time. They say it's the first big award contender of this year, and has been getting rave reviews all over. Cameron Crowe's Jerry Maguire follow up "Almost Famous" opens in select theaters today, and expands next Friday all over. There was a sneak preview last Saturday, and it opened in two theaters (one in L.A. and one in New York) this past Wednesday, where in a single day, it made over $33,000 in a single day. Some movies don't even make that in a weekend. That's really impressive for two theaters. I'm quite excited to see the film myself, as I said, I have been waiting for it. The movie is based on Crowe's days as a teenager rock journalist, basically a slice of life which is supposed to be in-depth and that a lot of it is true (though the band is fictional, Crowe has said it's a combo of bands from the 70's). I'll give you my complete thoughts when I see it...

Anyhow, not much new DVD news today. However, for all you Pokémon fans and kiddies, Warner has announced that Pokémon: The Movie 2000 will bow on November 14th. The film made a disappointing gross, just around 40 million, considering the first movie made 85 million. Still Warner gained a profit from it, considering how cheap it is to dub a movie like that and bring it out. Maybe it's a sign about the popularity of the Japanese phenom declining...? Anyhow, the DVD has a 5.1 Dolby Digital soundtrack (which sould be kickin'!) and I don't have the details about the transfer. Some older Pokéfans were upset earlier this year when the first movie only had a pan and scan transfer, and not widescreen. Since this movie is really toward the younger set, I think it is safe bet that it will be a pan and scan transfer, but you never know... as far as supplements go, there is "Soundtrack Live" which has musical performances from the soundtrack, a trailer for Pokémon 3 (which came out in Japan this past summer and is due here next Spring), as well as the trailer for The Movie 2000, a Pikachu game card and Lugia coin. As far as DVD-ROM features go, there will be game guides, weblinks, a featurette, sample trailers and web events. It sounds like a decent disc, but it's missing a commentary! The first movie had a really fun one by the director and producer. Anyhow, the retail is $24.98, so parents, mark your calenders now...

A follow up on yesterday's X-Men announcment, the disc will have an anamorphic transfer plus Dolby Digital AND DTS sound mixes. With recent announcments brewing such as "Titan A.E." and "Courage Under Fire", Fox is really beefing up their titles with DTS support, which is always, a good sign. I'm excited about the disc, and those tracks should be really killer.

Anything new on the site? Not too much today. There will be some reviews this weekend and more updates, so stay tuned. But I have prepared a review of the quality family film My Dog Skip, so check the review out, and the disc is worth checking out as well. I also added a review of the TV version of Jason and the Argonauts (the first J title in the database!), plus Ren has graced us with two nice reviews: the Sci-Fi classic Alien and the Dolby Digital version of Saving Private Ryan.

Well, that's it for now. Enjoy the opening ceremonies of the Olympics!

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