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September 13th, 2000

Not Too Much New

Another weekend has passed... onto another boring week.Well, we're in the middle of it now. I'm still in the process of hiring additional staff members, so if you're interested, please feel free to try out. Info is in the Staff section, as always. I've been getting a good amount of applications, however, I'm still looking... so if you're interested, be sure to try out!

Before I introduce two new additional members to this site, it's time for my weekly box office run down. It was a pretty weak weekend at the box office, and surprisngly, the Keanu Reeves clunker "The Watcher", which opened to terrible reviews, came in first with a little over nine million dollars. Not bad. I heard Reeves was a little unhappy with the movie. It was supposed to be an indie thriller, but Universal became involved and tripled the budget, and there were drastic script changes. Reeves did it as a favor to his friend, the film's director, Joe Charbanic.
"Nurse Betty", which opened to mixed reviews, came in second with 7.3 million. And the only other new release, Academy Award® winning writer Christopher McQuarrie's directing debut "The Way Of The Gun", came in ninth with a dismal 2.2 million. I guess the "exclusive Blair Witch 2" preview didn't attract audiences as Artisan hoped.

Anyhow, this week's DVD releases aren't too exciting. "Mission To Mars", last Spring's Brian De Palma sci-fi film, was critically panned and a decent box office draw. I saw the film, and I really couldn't stand it. The DVD sounds pretty decent, so I'm sure I'll rent it and give you my run down sometime soon...

Anyhow, I'm proud to introduce two new staff members on the site, and I'm sure they will be worthy additions to the DVDlaunch team.

Ren C. is a college student, who is hoping to break into the entertainment industry. He also enjoys cliches (as you can read in his Staff profile). Check out his spiffy review of the original Austin Powers.

Eric Dale, who is a big movie fan, is an aspiring writer and director, and pretty big with home theaters and the DVD format. He currently lives in Washington stage. Be sure to read his excellent review of Being John Malkovich.

Also on some more bright notes, DVDlaunch is now associated with the world's number one online bookchain,! Buy books from them and save... and such. Yes, that will do. Be sure to use the search thing on the bottom when looking or making any purchases... it does help this site out in a big way! Expect some more Amazon stuff on this site in the future... so if you hate ads and such, tough luck.

I've also just gotten word the announcment that the rumored date for "Chicken Run" (one of my favorite films this year, especially since I'm a huge "Wallace and Gromit" fan) is now official. The disc will be released on November 21st (pretty early for a Dreamworks animated film... "Prince Of Egypt" and "The Road To El Dorado" (scheduled for 12/12) bowed/is bowing a good nine months after the original theatrical release). This disc is a special edition, and will include an anamorphic widescreen transfer, DTS ES 6.1 (!) AND Dolby Digital 5.1 tracks as well as surround. Also included is a commentary (Participants TBA, I'm hoping it's Peter Lord and Nick Park), the trailer, NBC's featurette which aired around the time of the film, as well as the "HBO First Look". There are also some nifty DVD ROM features including weblinks, fun facts and a read along. The retail price will be a very nice $26.99. I can't wait!

Well, that does it for now. I welcome our new staff members, and until next time... be safe and uh... uh... damn, I need a good catchphrase to end these updates.

- Zach B., reviews and everything on this site © 2000
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