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September 9th, 2000

Yes... a new update!

Ah, September has officially kicked in. No more summer vacation for most sadly... back to school for the kids and such. Ah well.

September means Labor Day. And Labor Day is known to be the worst weekend for movies of the year. Everyone has been going on and on how bad this summer was for movies, that there wasn't such a big box office draw. May was a pretty good month, with "Mission: Impossible 2" and "Gladiator" getting strong numbers, but thinks slumped a bit in June. But July was really strong, with "The Perfect Storm", "Scary Movie" and "X-Men". Yet August, was a decent month. Nothing too spectacular.

This Labor Day at the box office was a bit better than I expected. "Bring It On", the Kirsten Dunst cheerleading comedy, took a little drop and brought in 14.2 million, bringing it's 10 day total to around 37 million. Not bad at all, considering it cost about 10 million to make. "The Cell" made 9.1 million this weekend, coming in at 2. "Space Cowboys", Clint Eastwood's best directing job and most successfull movie in a long time, came in at third with a little over 8 million. "The Art Of War" came in fourth, and rounding out the top five was "Highlander: EndGame" the (supposedly) final chapter in the mediocre movie series. Why Disney would even release another chapter in this series is beyond me. The first one was simply decent to begin with, and to continue on a not really successful franchise sounds like a bad idea to me. It's an attempt to get money with a core audience, I guess. I mean, there was also the "Highlander" TV series spin-off, which is probably the only audience at all for this movie. Those who are hardcore Highlander fans. Disney didn't screen this one for critics. Still, 6.4 million is decent, and averaged $4,115 in 1,543 theaters which isn't that bad.

"Whipped" the new comedy with Amanda Peet, came out of the top ten with a mere 2.7 million. "Saving Grace", the marijuana comedy expanded to more theaters this weekend after a very successful run in the past month at fewer theaters. It made 2.9 million while at 875 theaters. Nice.

Well, that wraps up this week's box office report from me. The site is doing pretty well so far, I think a little word of mouth has spread. We're not getting major numbers of course, but we're not in any search engines yet. I expect this site to grow majorly. If this is your first time dropping in, I reccomend you check out my intro from last Friday.

We got a few new reviews at the site. I've uploaded my Magnolia review, as well as a review of Men In Black: Limited Edition. Be sure to also check out the Dolby Digital version review. The three are excellent discs and are worth picking up. Anthony has prepared reviews of Charade, North By Northwest, The Mummy (old version) and The Invisible Man. David takes a look at Luc Besson's classic The Big Blue, and Wes reviews the recently re-release of Boogie Nights Double Platinum.

To be a bit of a tease, I have a really good idea for this site, and plan to unveil it soon... I'm sure you'll all like it (and I hope rival DVD sites don't copy me).

In my next update, I will be (and proud to) introduce another staff member to this site. I think he's going to be a worthwhile addition to the team. If you're interested, I still have a couple spots open, so please check out the Staff section for more info.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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