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September 1st, 2000


Hello! And welcome to the launch (no pun intended) of, yet another DVD site on the net here to offer you reviews, news and other DVD related things (for the most part).

I guess this would be a good time to explain further introduce things. My name is Zach B., and I am the creator and webmaster of this site (plus the one who will be writing these updates). In addition to being a student, I am, for the most part, a writer. I have a book due out shortly (when its out, I'll be plugging that to the extreme. Just thought I would warn you now.), and have contributed to other DVD sites with reviews and whatnot. But I originally began by having a DVD section on my (now dead) movie site, Cinema Village, but I further expanded that and created my own DVD site on my (also dead) domain name. The DVD site there was titled "Zach B.'s Digital Video Domain". The site was pretty successful, but I decided I was going to kill off the domain name it was on and create another one. The other domain I ended up creating was It meant to be a focus more on my writings, and I was going to move Zach B.'s Digital Video Domain there. However, I decided to create two domains instead, one entirely devoted to DVD. Why? For one thing, I thought I would be reaching even a bigger audience this way. I also felt I could create something really nice for DVD fans, and that the DVD sections on my older sites deserved it. My main goal is not to compete with some of the bigger, more extensive DVD sites out there, but to provide a good and nice place where DVD fans can check out the latest news and reviews, in addition to other things.

You may also be asking how I came up with the title, Well, to be honest, this site was going to be "DVD Domain" (a change from "Zach B.'s Digital Video Domain"), but the domain for that was already registered. I ended up going through nearly four dozen names. I finally found five which were not registered that I wanted to have (two of them were incredibly stupid), and out of the five, I felt this one was the best and just clicked. Plus I could come up with some nifty catchphrases for it :)

I would now like to introduce the other contributing members to this site. I did hold auditions (or whatever you want to call them) to find reviewers. I did get many messages about people wishing to becoming reviewers, and to pick the lucky few, I made everyone who wanted to become a reviewer write a review. For the most part, everyone wrote great reviews (I'm not trying to be so "friendly, goody goody", nearly everyone who participated had some great reviews for me to read), but the following people wrote some better than great ones, and I felt they would best fit the job for the site. Some people who I wanted to hire I had to reject because they were from other countries, and could not review Region 1 discs. This site, except maybe for a rare exception now and then, will be reviewing Region 1 discs only.
(Everyone is in no paticular order)
David G. is a movie lover, and is based in Canada. He is currently working on a Ph.D is physiology. Be sure to check out his reviews of The 13th Warrior and Sleepy Hollow.
Wes D. was born and raised in Illinois, but you can learn a lot more about his extensive history in the Meet The Staff section. Clerks and Lone Star are some great examples of what he brings to the site.
Anthony D. is a Pittsburgh native and has a big passion for film, and is currently a singer, writer and playwright. Anthony has done some incredibly detailed reviews of the stage version of Victor Victoria and recently The Sound Of Music.
Last but not least, is Justin Meyers. A big DVD buff, Justin has worked and contributed to some other DVD sites on the net. Justin's also pretty detailed, which is evident in his Reindeer Games and Whatever It Takes reviews.
That rounds out the members of the site. I am still looking for more reviewers actually, and still holding more auditions. If you are interested, please refer back to the Meet The Staff portion of the site.

Well, I hope you stick around and drop by often. We may be pretty small and simple now, but this site will slowly grow and evolve, and I hope you follow us through it all. So, relax. Check out some reviews, learn some more about the site and most importantly, have fun.

- Zach B., reviews and everything on this site © 2000
All rights reserved.
Nothing may be reprinted without permission.