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November 6th, 2000

A Heavenly Debut, Fox to screw consumers with "X-Men"?

A very nice weekend at the box office, as Charlie's Angels soared to number one with an amazing 40.5 million dollars, beating out Meet The Parents, which held the top spot for the past few weeks and dropped to second with a very respectable 13.1 million. "Angels" at number one must be very good news for Sony, who released the film through Columbia Pictures. Unless you have been living in a hole for the past couple of months, you should be very aware of the rampant rumors and troubles the film faced, and how so many predicted it would be a dud. Still, the reviews were very good and this opening must make Sony beaming. The film cost about 93 million dollars to make, and considering Little Nicky opens next week and Adam Sandler is always a huge draw, the film's number could get deflated next week, and then destroyed when so many Thanksgiving films open.

Rounding out the rest of the box office was The Legend Of Bagger Vance, which opened to lukewarm reviews and came in third with 12 million. Remember The Titans held on strong for fourth with 7 million, and the sequel dud Book Of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 made 5.3 million. The film's gross has been incredibly disappointing. Bedazzled came in sixth for 4.7 million, Pay It Foward seventh for 4.3, The Little Vampire with 3.5 and rounding out the top ten in ninth and tenth were Lucky Numbers with 2.2 and The Legend Of Drunken Master with 1.6. So, not a bad weekend for movies at all.

An interesting tidbit I'd like to point out is an article I read in the New York Post yesterday. Director Bryan Singer, who directed "The Usual Suspects" and this past summer's smash hit "X-Men" talked about how he felt about the DVD format for an article on filmmakers and DVD. Singer comments about "X-Men", but we learn from the article Fox is planning another DVD version of the film! Once again, a studio tries to screw their customers without making an announcment a head of time, so we all have to pay for the film twice and give them more money (well, those of us who care about extras). "X-Men" has been widely anticipated, and so many of us love supplements. Now, in a common case which Disney used to do, people are now going to go out and get the current disc, only to then learn about the upcoming version, and then feel a bit angry and cheated when it comes out, and that if they really want it, they'll buy it (the date of the new "X-Men" disc is TBA). This is very annoying. Many consumers were a bit disappointed with the features for the current disc which is due out in two weeks (we've all been spoiled by Fox two disc special editions), and now when it seems to get a more definitive edition, we're going to have to wait a little longer. The point is though it gets very annoying when studios don't announce these kinds of things ahead of time. I find this a big turn off myself (How many of you bought A Bug's Life twice?) If you'd like to read the article and learn what Singer plans to do with the next "X-Men" disc, click here.

Well, that's it for today. Check out the monster update from a few days ago to see what's been going on with the site.

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