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September 3rd, 2002

Happy Two Year Anniversary DVDlaunch, 600 Reviews


This past Sunday, DVDlaunch celebrated two years worth of DVD reviewing, movie talk and a lot of crazy nonsense. It's really hard to believe how fast these past two years have gone. It doesn't even feel like two years since I started this site. From our humble beginnings to what this site has become, I'd once again like to thank the great reviewing staff, the studios for their support and you the readers, all for extending your support and making this site what it is right now. I could go on and on with kind words and thank yous... but I don't want to get too sitcom, or sound like I'm repeating what I said last year (hey, looking at that, I sorta just did that). Well, read what I said last year... I still feel the same way more or less.

To tie in with two years on the job, this site now supports six hundred DVD reviews. Yes, 600 DVD reviews (and plenty more on the way this year). From film classics to your latest direct-to-video schlock, it's all here and this year we'll keep on bringing you the latest, greatest and perhaps crappiest and eclectic titles out there.

To wrap up this simple two year anniversary message, it's time to fill this box with what goes here every week. That's right, your weekly box office report. So, it's sad to say, but summer is now pretty much over (movie wise, at least). The final weekend for summer tallys, there wasn't much going on over Labor Day weekend.

In first was Signs once again, with a nifty 17 million for the three days. "Signs" is the only film this summer to be number one during three weekends. It should pass 200 million this week. Close behind it was the summer's biggest success story, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, still riding on all the buzz and theater expansions with 14.8 million. It's interesting to note that "Greek Wedding" is playing in around half the theaters "Signs" is.

In third place was XXX with 13.1 million, while Spy Kids 2: The Island Of Lost Dreams took in another 8.2 million (while this will do quite well, it probably won't match the original's 106 million box office take). Newcomer Feat Dot Com not only opened to horrendous reviews, but in a fifth place opening with a dismal 7 million.

Austin Powers In Goldmember crossed 200 million with 7 million as well, while Blue Crush continues to plummet, only taking in 5.5 million this weekend. Serving Sara also continued it's road to bombing with 4.3 million, while the excellent The Good Girl took in 3.8 million this weekend. Rounding it all out is Road To Perdition with 3.5 million... it should finally cross 100 million this week.

And that's it... enjoy the end of summer DVD fans.

-Zach B.