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September 1st, 2001

Happy One Year Anniversary DVDlaunch!


Wow, it's hard to believe that it's been one whole year since DVDlaunch, well, launched. It's just amazing how time goes by, this year went really fast (well, for me at least). I've always been a big fan of movies and loved the DVD format, so one year ago, I set out with a simple goal: to create a site with in-depth DVD reviews that wasn't meant to be the biggest, but have its own audience and find its own voice. Where readers can pop in and check out the latest DVDs, video game reviews and a whole lot more. And while we've seen staff members come and go, it's truly been an incredible year for me with this site and how much momentum it's gained. We began with about fifty reviews for the launch, and now we're well over three-hundred reviews and show no signs of slowing down. It's really been a nice journey that will keep on continuing into the forseeable future.

Of course, I couldn't have done it all alone. I'd like to thank my staff members, current ones and ones who have gone on to other things. To me, every review counts and they've done a terrific job. Some reviews may suck in comparison to the older ones (basically mine), as in some you can see a noticeable difference. But the more DVDs we watch, the more we become better reviewers. We do gain experience and that helps us become better writers.

Another important factor to this site is studio support. We get from the major ones and the small ones. They're all a bunch of nice people and have continued to play active parts in the site. Whether it's the newest DVDs or latest news, I'm grateful for their interest and continued supports as well as feedback. We're always looking forward to getting pre-release discs and reviewing them for the site so you can check out our thoughts before you buy. So, my many thanks to them as they have been quite helpful and generous. I look forward to continue working with them.

Finally, and the most important thing, is you, the readers. Without you, there'd be no DVDlaunch... or much of it anyway. I speak for myself and the other staff members when we really do appreciate your feedback and enthusiasm you show for the site. You come here, stop by and check out what we have to offer... and keep coming back. We're growing with more and more readers daily, and it's always nice to see that our reviews are respected by readers as they trust our opinion and make it in an influence in buying DVDs. Thanks readers for your continued support and energy for the site... keep on coming (especially to see reviews of discs from the giant fall buying season)!

So it's really been one year... I just can't believe it. So is DVDlaunch going to remain the same? Pretty much, but what would a new year be without some new goals? Here are some things I am looking to build upon:

- A new layout. I can't design for shit as you can see, as this layout has been criticized by a few of you. I'm not good that way with web programming visually. I was going to make a new layout this summer, but things got in the way. Still, look forward to a spiffy new design in the near future.

- More staff members. Staff has become a bit tight, and while it's nice small, I'd like a more dedicated staff as quite a few have just come and gone. There's still a bunch of eager reviewers out there who I'm sure are willing to work, so if you are interested, please do apply.

-Increased readership. I think we have a good audience now that comes, but I'm always looking to improve and hook more people to visit the wonderful world of DVDlaunch. I'll be working to gain more of an audience this year, so in the mean time, tell your friends! Or Not!

That's about it. A major thanks to my fellow reviewers, the studios and the readers. Without all of you together, there wouldn't be much at all. Thanks again and I'm looking forward to sharing another terrific year with all of you. We're just getting started, the best is yet to come...

Best wishes,


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