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April 17th, 2001

200 Reviews, New Video Game Reviews, New Contest, New Logo New DVD Reviews, New Press Releases (well, they're always new), Weekend Box Office

Phew! Big update this week! First and formost (you may have noticed this last week), now has 200 Reviews in its database. In our first month we had 100 reviews, and it took us another six months to get another 100. Heh... well, its still a great accomplishment. I'd like to thank my hardworking staff for their reviews, because without them, we wouldn't be able to get to this mark. So I thank them and look foward to more of their hard work and dedication to the site.

Next up, we have a new contest up for you to enter. Dreamworks was quite nice this month, as they are sponsering the contest for The Legend Of Bagger Vance (click that link to read a review by yours truly). We have six copies to give away as well as an autograph of Joel Gretsch (he played Bobby Jones in the film). This was a really, really underrated movie of 2000, so be sure to enter to win a great DVD (and possibly autograph) for your collection. Thanks again Dreamworks.

Ah, some new reviews! Anthony D. has caused quite a Frenzy, while I took a look at Fox's upcoming Quills. Each are great discs that are certainly worth your time. Come back this week as I hopefully have the Rocky Boxed Set up....

Some more new reviews... this time in the video game department. Angelo C. takes a look at the original (and now classic) Tony Hawk's Pro Skater for PSone, while I check out Nintendo's Dr. Mario update for Nintendo 64 and Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble for Game Boy Color. As you know, the game section isn't updated so often, but I'm trying my best to build a good review section, so look for quite a few more reviews soon.

New contest, new reviews... new logo? That's right, I decided to spice things up a bit with a new logo (see the top of the page). It's decent, at best in my opinion. Maybe I'll create a new logo soon... I guess what bothers me is the color scheme of the rockets. Oh well... it's not as plain now, and enjoy. Be sure to send feedback if you like it or hate it. I guess it's sort of a work in progress logo... it's more creative, but not as good as it could be. Send suggestions... maybe a contest in the near future for a new logo sounds good too... hmm...

As you may have heard, New Line Cinema is changing they're home video name from New Line Home Video to New Line Home Entertainment. In addition, New Line is launching a new series of DVDs, I guess a new Platinum Series of sorts. As we all know, New Line puts out some of the best discs in the industry, and I'm sure this new line won't disappoint. Infinifilm is their new line, and it looks quite impressive. The first title for the line is Thirteen Days (an incredible movie in its own right, and I felt it was really snubbed for major awards). I'm looking quite foward to this release, as it offers some in-depth supplements, a historical commentary, a commentary with Kevin Costner, David Self, Michael De Luca and Roger Donaldson, deleted scenes and a whole lot more. The two disc set also has DTS and Dolby Digital 5.1 sound... looks like New Line is raising the benchmark in DVDs yet again. Be sure to check out the site, you won't be disappointed. It's all yours for 26.99 and will be out July 10th... I'm in line right now.

Another title that I have been anticipating and I'm sure some of you too is Best In Show. The final specs have just been announced, and I'm glad Christopher Guest and company is going to be involved. There will be seventeen (yay!) deleted scenes, a commentary with Guest, Eugene Levy and some other members of the cast, as well as the trailer plus Dolby Digital 5.1 sound, anamorphic widescreen and full frame transfers. Just another four weeks... (May 15th).

Finally to end one huge update is last weekend's box office. Spy Kids once again held the number one spot with 12.5 million, and in second was Along Came A Spider (again) with 11.5. In third was Bridget Jones's Diary with 10.7 million, which also had a big opening in the UK this very past weekend. Joe Dirt and Blow tied with 8 million a piece, with Kingdom Come in sixth with 7.5, a pretty decent opening. However, Josie And The Pussycats tanked with 4.5 million, and since last Wednesday's opening, it's only cashed in 6.5 (all that hype for nothing). Pokémon 3: The Movie came in eight with 2.7 million, a clear sign the franchise is pretty dead. Rounding out nine and ten with 2.6 million were Enemy At The Gates and Someone Like You.

Phew... long update today. See you next time everyone!

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